The 33-story Swing: This Ain't Your Father's Swingset

The world's highest swing is 33 stories high. Yes, 33 stories. It's in South Africa, and you jump off the huge Oribi Gorge. The video above makes it look like a hell of a lot of fun (and a lot safer than this human slingshot), but be warned: you're gonna want to keep it on mute unless you're a big fan of brain-meltingly crappy techno.


Didn't You Hear? [via Neatorama]

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None of the music in the video is techno. It's also a rope swing, not a typical swing.

The biggest issue I see with it giving a swinging experience is there's too much slack in the rope initially. That means most of your movement is on the vertical and this ends up having a bungee effect instead of rocketing your forward and up again at the other end.

Still looks like fun though.