The ABC Family Cyberbullying Movie You've Been Waiting For

"Taylor Hillridge had everything," goes the preview for ABC Family's new TV movie Cyberbully, "until her online life crashed into her real life." A dramatization of the new, scary problems facing congressmen and 15 year-old girls everywhere.

It will be interesting to see what kind of shmaltzy lesson ABC Family can wring out of the messy issue of cyberbullying. Maybe, "Don't reuse your password?" Hopefully there's a scene in the movie where she and her mom appear on ABC's Good Morning America—which has become the premiere outlet for victims of cyberbullying—to recount her harrowing tale. Synergy!

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Dwayne Mcginnty

Are kids just gigantic pussies now?

I knew kids who got their asses kicked daily through HS, and never had GF's, who went on to be well adjusted adults.

My buddy 'Jeff' had a beard (a varsity cheerleader but still a beard) for the last two years of HS and has an awesome life now.

I dont get how 'cyber-bullying' is more detrimental than actual beat-down bullying.