The Air Force Thinks It Could Take on Godzilla

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What would we do if a kaiju like Godzilla actually showed up on our shores? According to (some members of) the U.S. Air Force, we'd kick its ass. Because of course we would.

If it happened like it does in the latest Godzilla movie, due out on May 16, the brave men and women at the Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan would be our first line of defense. Air & Space magazine recently talked to the members of the 18th Wing, who detail not only why they'd take down Godzilla but also how. The answers range from semi-serious to....not remotely serious at all

"The way I would plan it, four helos, so that's 8 guns, 600 rounds a piece of multi-purpose ammunition. It has to do something." Says one airman. Meanwhile another suggests 4,000 Segways and slingshots to "catch him off guard." You can watch the whole video at Air & Space's website.


They're obviously kidding, but it raises a question that we really should be asking ourselves now and then: How should the military handle Godzilla? You never know when he's going to bust out that atomic breath on our cities. Got any ideas? [Air & Space]