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The Android Takeover Rolls On: 250 Million Handsets Worldwide

Illustration for article titled The Android Takeover Rolls On: 250 Million Handsets Worldwide

Google announced today that while it might have 90 million Google+ users, it has 250 million people using its Android handsets. That's 700,000 activations per day, on average, with over 11 billion downloads from the Android market in all.


That's a whole lot of devices; 50 million more than just three months ago. And how many of those have Ice Cream Sandwich, again?

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Did you really have to throw in the last sentence? Stop comparing Android to iOS or WP7, it's completely open for manufacturers to do with what they want. WP7 and iOS obviously are way more standardized across all their installed devices and that's great if you really care about it. However, no one but the truest of whiners cares about fragmentation. If you do care about fragmentation, don't buy an Android device, it's not that hard but please leave the snide comments out of every article.