The Battlestar Galactica Revival You Never Saw Coming (2)

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What if Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica had become an animated series? Well, for one thing, we probably wouldn't have been so freaked out by these cartoony maquettes of Starbuck and a Cylon Centurion, due for release later this year.

The limited edition (Only 1000 of each) statues are apparently part of a line called Little Frakkin', and are available for pre-order now; the descriptions of each are below:

Little Frakkin Colonial Starbuck Maquette: Kara Thrace - hotshot pilot, stalwart office, Angel of God? Whichever Starbuck is your favorite, this 6" tall hand-painted animated maquette is sure to delight. Cast in resin and available in an editon of only 1,000 statues, the Starbuck Maquette is individually numbered and comes with mirrored black base. She's posed holding her Viper helmet under her arm, her pistol in hand and ready for action, a cigar clenched between her teeth and a wicked grin on her face. Get Starbuck and get ready to frag some frakkin' toasters!

Standing an intimidating 6" tall, the Cylon Centurion Animated Maquette is hand-painted, cast in resin and available in an editon of only 1,000 statues. He's individually numbered and comes with a mirrored black base. Designed by BSG CG artist Dustin Adair, our Little Frakkin' Toaster comes complete with attitude as he beckons you to "come get some." If it'll make you feel better, you can always paint a red stripe across his back.


The figures are the work of Quantum Mechanix, and will be showcased on their website soon. We think we want.


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