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We may earn a commission from links on this page

The Best Clips and Trailers from This Year's Comic-Con

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This year Comic-Con buried the fans under a mountain of new footage! Walking Dead, True Blood, Supernatural, Knights Of Badassdom — everyone released some amazing footage to the masses!

Here's our round-up of the best videos that debuted at Comic-Con.

Up top, you've got one hell of a clip of David Tennant, being generally amazing as the douchey magician in Fright Night. We've got tons more Fright Night clips and panel coverage in our past Comic-Con reporting.

Breaking Dawn

For much more detailed descriptions of Breaking Dawn, check out our Twilight Comic-Con coverage.


Star Wars Deleted Scene Sizzle Reel

And now we want to buy yet ANOTHER Star Wars DVD. Sigh.


Now watch Andrew Garfield surprise the hell out of Hall H by showing up in Spidey costume!

Knights of Badassdom Trailer - HD

Knights Of Badassdom

Possibly the biggest surprised of the entire Con, could the Knights of Badassdom bring back the beloved hor-com? Watch a few more clips and make up your own mind about it.

In Time Trailer

In Time

Read more about Andrew Niccol's latest dystopian mind-frak at our Comic-Con panel recap.


Planet Of The Apes

Very spoilery Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer, which shows the actual ape war. Why doesn't anyone just take out a gun?

Walking Dead

Not a single frame from the book. Just sayin'.

Doctor Who

Read our Doctor Who panel recap and watch more clips here!

True Blood

True Blood goes from fizzle to vampire-sex-sizzle in this trailer for the rest of the season, let's just hope these cool clips aren't spaced out too far.


For more information on the new season of Wincest, read our Supernatural panel recap.


Last Airbender_ Legend of Korra Official SDCC Trailer

Avatar: The Legend of Korra Trailer

Torchwood: Miracle Day

Check out our full report on the Torchwood panel here.



To see more amazing ThunderCats footage, check out our previous coverage.

Being Human

Warehouse 13

The Vampire Diaries