The best "cloud UFO" video you've ever seen

You know how the biggest annoyance with UFO videos is that they are blurry and shaky and look sort of like somebody threw a bunch of LEDs into the sky and filmed them? Well, you certainly can't make that complaint about this video, which captures a truly bizarre UFO floating down from the sky, getting caught on a fence, and then being touched by a friend of the person filming.


There is a whole internet lore around so-called Cloud UFOs, which are basically clouds that UFOs supposedly hide behind or inside. Could this be a chunk of one such cloud, drifting to earth? Or is it something even more creepy, like a blob of industrial waste foam? Either way, WHY IS THIS GUY TOUCHING IT?

Spotted on Gather.


Corpore Metal

My guess is that it's industrial effluent from a smoke stack which doesn't have scrubbers and filters or where those filters have broken down.