Look, let's not call them prayers. Rather, you can say that your deepest desires were answered when you got a shiny new smartphone or tablet under the Christams tree today. Sure, you'll need it to stay on top of the ungodly pressures of modern life but, dammit, you need some good games for your tech slab, too.

Don't worry. Whether it's a fourth-gen iPad, an iPad Mini, a Samsung Galaxy Note II or an iPhone 5, Kotaku's Bests lists will run down the most clever, addictive and visually stunning games you can play on your device. Find your newly acquired flavor of smartphone below and see what the future holds.


The 12 Best Games on the iPhone

You've got yourself an iPhone and you want to play some games on it. You might not want to just plunge into the App Store. It's a jungle, and it is full of bad games.

Let us help you. More »


The 12 Best Games for the iPad

Stop watching movies on your iPad. Stop browsing the web.

Your iPad can play some great games.

iPad games that shine use the extra screen space and sharper resolution to deliver touch gaming that captivates. More »


The 10 Best Games for Android Smartphones

Screw Apple, you say. You don't need to enter their closed system to taste sweet smartphone bliss! Look, you have a perfectly fine Android handset on your person. More »