The Best New Vaporware

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It's the product that will never be. Like that sixth season of The Wire, we hope that it happens, but we know deep in our hearts that it won't. Intel's Nikiski ultrabookand its see-through-trackpad-display falls into that category.

The beautifully odd Nikiski touts a keyboard-wide see-through glass trackpad. The trackpad recognizes your palm to keep the cursor from going haywire when you place your hands on the computer (presumably to type out messages about how you're writing from the ultrabook of the future).


But that's not the coolest feature. The coolest feature is when Nikiski closes, that trackpad becomes a window displaying your email, calendar, last peeped browser window you name it. The trackpad continues to function and users can navigate their now closed laptop.

Does it make much sense? Not really. I have a phone in my pocket that does all those functions. Is it cool? Oh hell yes. Will it ever arrive in stores? Probably not. But we can dream dammit. We can dream. [Intel]

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Intel only makes prototypes. They come up with engineering ideas, share them at trade shows in working prototype format, hope someone else catches the vision - and then makes a contract deal for Intel chips. That last part works well when there isn't competition in chip manufacturing...