The Best of Android Lollipop in 8 GIFs

Android Lollipop has been around as a developer preview for months, but the real version—complete with all its new Material Design tricksjust started rolling out. Here are a few GIFs to hold you over until it shows up on your phone.

A lot of the new look depends on app makers (and Google) updating to the new material design guidelines, but there's plenty of freshness in the basic skeleton of the OS too.

New notification panel


Settings that fade when you adjust your brightness

A better lockscreen camera shortcut


Tap to wake on the Nexus 9 (and other devices that support it)


New end-of-scroll animations (and a new look for Gmail)


New multitasking view, with different windows for different Chrome tabs


Multiple user profiles


And lovely new animations


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Organized Chaos

Full disclosure, I'm an iPhone user, but not here just to hate on Android.

How did you access the camera from the lock screen before? On iOS, you swipe up from the bottom right corner. This seems like the same thing, only swipe diagonally. Just curious as to how it's better than before.

I don't like the tap to wake. Seems like there would be way too many accidental wake-ups. That'd drive me nuts.

I don't quite get the end-of-scroll animation. A little gray thingy pops out. Just doesn't seem like it's fitting to the motion.

I really dig the Rolodex style multitask view.