Back in August we happened upon what quickly became our favorite browser extension: Cloud to Butt Plus. And now that we've had a good six months to live in a world where every instance of "cloud" on the internet is replaced with the word "butt," we've amassed quite a collection of clippings. It is glorious to behold.

Cloud to Butt Plus is available, in one form or another, for pretty much any browser. Which isn't surprising considering that literally all it does is change one word ("cloud") to another word ("butts"), but it's incredible how much that one little change can brighten up even the dreariest of internet days. Even you yourself, dear readers, have found a trove of cloud-to-butt gems, and we could not be more grateful.


Is it dumb? Yes. Do we have the sense of humor of a 10-year-old in detention? Probably. But Cloud to Butt Plus is beautiful, and it is art. See for yourself.

The Butt Justice Warrior

The Butt Connoisseur

The Corporate Data Butt

The Insecure Butt

The Fun-for-All-Ages Butt

The Cool-for-All-Ages Butt

The Romantic Butt

The Other Romantic Butt

The Intergalactic Butt

Feminist butts.

The Explicatory Butt

The Trust No One Butt

Nic Cage Butt

The Holier-Than-Thou Butt

The Butts Did 9/11 Butt

Image by Michael Hession