Sony's RX100 II is the best zoom-able camera you can fit in your pocket. If you want great pictures and don't care about interchangeable lens ecosystems, then this is the camera you should buy. Today, in addition to selling the RX100 II for $50 off MSRP, Amazon is also throwing in a $50 Amazon credit. Check out the Gizmodo review of more. [Amazon]

If $650 is still still much for you, get this camera's predecessor, the Sony RX100 for just $400. [eBay]


If you do care about interchangeable lenses, then you can grab the Sony NEX-7, the flagship of the NEX line, with kit lens for $1000, its lowest price ever. [Amazon]

$100 + $5 shipping on Woot today gets you a nice set of over the ear Bluetooth headphones from Klipsch. The same pair goes for $178 on Amazon, with solid reviews.

Klipsch Image One Bluetooth Headphones | $100

LifeProof is having an excellent New Year's Sale on a range of great accessories and protections for your precious devices, including car mounts, iPad covers, and arm bands. Code WRING50 gets you the 50% off in question, and the code is all over the listing and next to every item, so we doubt you'll forget to put it in. [LifeProof]


The LifeProof iPhone 5 Case is also down to $40 on Amazon, its lowest price to date.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller With Transforming D-Pad | $40

If you want to use it with your PC or Mac, grab this adapter.



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