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The digital comics world has taken its sweet time catching up to music and movies as far as distribution goes, but we're finally—if not slowly—starting to get there. ComiXology, the same service powering the official apps of Marvel, DC, Image, and other publishers, is finally offering eGift Cards in the range of $10 to $500 worth of pure comic junkie crack.

All 40,000 comics and graphic novels available on ComiXology's platform will be eligible for the gift card service and totally free of expiration dates. And should this sound like just the thing for the comic/graphic novel nerd in your life, there's also an option to buy now and have the eGift Card delivered at a later, specified date, which takes care of any potential forgetfulness on your part.


Of course, gifting titles themselves has been available from ComiXology since 2011, but now, you can give comic lovers what they need to pick out the titles they actually like. The most surprising thing about the service, though, is that it seems like something that should have been available years ago. But for whatever reason—bundles and digital subscriptions just coming this past summer being an example—digital comics seem to be almost eons behind every other form of digital media on the market today.

But for now, the eGift Card buying option is now finally, officially live, and you can head on over to the ComiXology site to get yours right now.

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