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The Bizarre, Glitchy Glory of Wiggling 3D-Map Disasters

Remember a couple years ago when everybody was freaking out about the all of the 3D-imaging fuckups in the new Apple Maps? Well, those surreal portrayals of the world we live in, exist in many mapping services. And as one anonymous Tumblr user shows, they're works of artespecially when they wiggle.


That Map Looks Right is a simple Tumblr. It's simply shots of 3D maps—Google Maps and Bing Maps are included, in addition to Apple Maps—from two slightly different perspective. The two shots are animated into a simple GIF that, well, wiggles. There are hundreds of these brilliantly glitchy creations, each as wiggly as the last. You could compare the aesthetic to a more animated Cézanne.

It makes them look more 3D; instead of a pure flat image, you see into this horrible nightmarescape from the perspective of someone who's had maybe three too many cups of coffee.


Or maybe these mapping computers are just drunk. [Prosthetic Knowledge]

All images via That Map Looks Right


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