Mattel has its own line of Masters of the Universe figures available over on, but do they come packaged on cards featuring the brilliant artwork of Jason Edmiston? They do not, but these retro MOTU figures from Super7 sure do.

Revealed about a week ago, the line features four of the more popular Masters of the Universe characters—He-Man, Skeletor, Mer-Man, and Beastman—as 3.75-inch tall retro figures that include a weapon accessory. After all, He-Man is just boring Prince Adam without that power sword.


The term ‘retro’ has become synonymous with minimal detailing and articulation as of late, and Super7's MOTU figures are definitely basic. But the artwork on the packaging certainly makes up for those shortcomings. All four figures are available for pre-order for $15 each, or in a complete set for $60, and are expected to ship some time in April, later this year.


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