The Burj Dubai Just Can't Stop Getting Struck By Lightning

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A tipster sent along this spectacular photo of the Burj Dubai, the world's tallest, most absurdly ostentatious building, getting struck by lightning. While checking for newness, I noticed something amazing: This happens all the time.


Well, not all the time, since storms aren't exactly a daily occurrence in Dubai. In a way, though, that makes the sheer number of occasions this has been caught on film all the more impressive. Cue neck hair standing on

A proposal: When the hotel finally opens in January, this should be their advertising campaign. --Thanks, Cuyler!



Why is this a suprise? The CN Tower, which was the tallest free standing structure until they built this thing gets struck by lightning several times in most thunderstorms. When I was a co-op EE student with an interest in high voltage I applied for but did not get a job where the main responsibility was to film every strike with a high speed camera and check for any evidence that the extensive lightning dissipation system that was engineered into the structure wasn't working.