The Burning Questions We Have After Daredevil Season Two

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Daredevil’s second season is finally out, and at this point, a lot of people have powered through 13 hours of vigilante television (This includes us). But the sophomore season throws out a lot more questions than it really answers. Here’s just a few of the puzzles racking our brains—and what they might mean for the show’s future.

Suffice to say, if you’ve not watched all of Daredevil season two, there are going to be some huge spoilers in this post. Go forth at your own risk!


What’s the Deal With Karen’s Brother?

Karen Page, former legal assistant and now New York Bulletin columnist (I’d say somehow, but I’m evidence that they’ll let anyone write stuff these days), apparently has a bit of a dark past. When Ellison lets Karen use Ben Urich’s old office in “Seven Minutes in Heaven,” Karen discovers Ben kept a file of research on her while they worked together... including a newspaper clipping about the death of her brother Kevin. This is the same brother she discussed with Matt, but she failed to mention was dead.

A dead brother wouldn’t be all that mysterious, but it’s Karen’s reaction to the clipping, and Ellison telling her that “Ben didn’t care, and I don’t either” that raises a bunch of questions. Did Karen have something to do with it? Why would she be blamed for her brother’s death—and why was she keeping it a secret from Matt?

No, Really, What Is the ‘Black Sky’?

The Black Sky has been referred to in both seasons of the show now—with season two’s mention being more oblique, revealing that Elektra is connected to it. We still don’t really have a clue what it is. Stick and the Hand refer to it as some kind of ultimate weapon that would end the feud between the Ninja clan and its noble rivals, the Chaste, but... how?


Clearly there are multiple Black Skys, as the Black Sky found in season one was a young boy. It seems to be biologically linked, perhaps some kind of superpower, but Elektra didn’t exactly show any signs of having powers. Its nebulous inclusion in the finale of the season was one of our least favorite things, though, so hopefully we get answers in the show’s future sooner rather than later. Just saying it over and over didn’t make its purpose any clearer.


What’s Next for Claire Temple?

After watching one of her fellow nurses get gutted by an army of ninjas, Claire Temple has pretty much had enough of the Marvel universe’s bullshit. She quit nursing after Metro General tried to cover up the ninja attack, so where does the Night Nurse in all but name go from here?

We have an inkling already; Rosario Dawson has joined the cast of Luke Cage, and set pictures have been floating around of her filming with star Mike Colter. But will Claire still be helping powered people like Luke, Jessica, and Matt through medicine. Will she run away from all the madness, or dive even deeper into the world of superheroes?


Can Karen Page Survive Knowing Matt Is Daredevil?

One of the big cliffhangers of the season was Matt finally coming clean with Karen, and telling her that he’s Daredevil. It might help salvage their burgeoning (and floundering) romantic relationship, or, considering the horrors Karen went through with the Punisher, push her away from Matt even further.


Given the character’s tragic comic book history, and the general levels of danger superhero love interests are often put in, we can’t help but think Matt basically just painted a giant target on her for season three? We hope not, as Karen got a great storyline in season two—but alarm bells will definitely start ringing if Bullseye, the assassin who killed Karen in the comics, joins the cast next season. Still, we’re feeling very uneasy about Ms. Page’s future.

Although, now that she’s a journalist, she does have the biggest scoop in New York on her hands, too... could Karen reveal Daredevil’s secret identity to the world?


Was Colonel Schoonover Really the Blacksmith?

Season two’s other not-great-twist was the seeming reveal that noted portrayer of bad guys Clancy Brown was in fact playing a bad guy—in this case, the nefarious heroin dealer known as “The Blacksmith.”


But it’s never explicitly stated that Schoonover was the Blacksmith, just heavily implied—however he did have something to do with the deal-gone-wrong that lead to the death of Frank’s family, stating it was for something Frank did in Kandahar, Afghanistan, while the two served in the Army together. We never got a straight confession before Frank shot Schoonover in the head, but how exactly was he involved? What did Frank do to him that would make him turn to drug smuggling and gang warfare? I guess we’ll have to wait to see if that heavily rumored Punisher show really happens to find out.


Where Does the Punisher Go From Here?

Frank Castle has now wholly embraced his alter-ego of the Punisher, right down to the spray-painted skull on his armor. But he kind of just wanders off after shooting some of the Hand ninjas left to fight Daredevil in the finale. What’s next for him?

Well, the show might have given us a clue with the CD Frank retrieves out of his home before blowing it to pieces—the one with “Micro” written on it. In the comics, Micro was the nickname of David Linus Lieberman, a.k.a. Microchip, an informant and tech expert for the Punisher that got Frank his weaponry and helped him out with cases (before eventually becoming one of Frank’s bitterest enemies). Could whatever was on the disc lead Frank to Microchip? Is ‘Micro’ a person, or just the name of whatever software is on it?


Who’s Matt Going to Battle Next?

Frank Castle might seemingly be out of the picture for now, but Matt Murdock still has a ton of enemies in Hell’s Kitchen. The Hand clan wasn’t really defeated, only delayed—and they even have the upper hand (pun absolutely intended) now that they have they have Elektra’s body and a way to revive her as they did with Nobu... assuming that the giant blood-urn they’ve put her in is for that. Could we get a ninja rematch, with the former lovers forced to fight each other?


Then there’s also Fisk, who’s surprise return in season two established that he’s living up to his “Kingpin” moniker. Now that he’s all but running his own prison, how long is it going to be before he’s out, either legally or through escape, and hell bent on destroying Matt Murdock again?

Don’t be surprised if we get a completely new player next season in addition to the return of Fisk or the Hand. The aforementioned psychotic assassin Bullseye would probably be a very good bet, considering his nature as a long-time Daredevil foe. Who else could there be?



Seriously. This thing was literally a giant plot hole.

While investigating what the Roxxon corporation was up to, Daredevil and Elektra discover massive shipments of dirt being shipped out of Hell’s Kitchen on the company’s mysterious ledger of villainous secrets. Then they discover that that dirt is from a massive hole the Hand ninja were digging, as deep as a 40-story building is tall, according to Elektra.


And then ninjas show up, and the hole is never mentioned ever again.

The Hand’s plans in this season were already frustratingly nebulous, but this hole really took the piss. What was it for? What did it have to do with the Black Sky? It’s not where the Urn and the Hand’s exsanguination victims were being kept, because otherwise even Matt would’ve noticed he was down wayyyy below the surface when he found them. Why even put the dirt on Roxxon’s ledger? Is the giant hole the real villain of Daredevil season three??


Maybe ninjas are just really keen diggers.

Got any questions of your own? Let us know in the comments, while we begin the long wait for a potential (but surely inevitable) Daredevil season three for all the answers.