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The Campaign to Crowdfund Greece's Bailout Has Crashed Indiegogo

Illustration for article titled The Campaign to Crowdfund Greeces Bailout Has Crashed Indiegogo

Yesterday we told you about a silly crowdfunding campaign to bail out Greece. Apparently there’s been so much interest that Indiegogo’s servers have been overloaded. The campaign is currently down. No joke. [Update: It’s back up and going strong.]


Now, it’s probably safe to assume that the reason people were visiting the site had more to do with curiosity than a strong desire to contribute. That said, the campaign had raised a shocking €407,715 before it overwhelmed the site’s servers.


Could crowdfunding save Greece? No, I can emphatically say that it will not. Can a crowdfunding page help bolster the visibility of crowdfunding sites looking to capitalize on stunts like crowdfunding a bailout for Greece? Yes, yes it can.

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concerned where this money would actually be going.