The Card Speaker At Least Thinks It Sounds Good

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There's no shortage of portable, wafer-thin speakers for iPods, iPhones and other pocketable media devices. But the "oh-look-at-me-and-my-cool-case" Card Speaker, designed by IDEA International, has the trappings to make it stand out from the pack.

The Card Speaker is about the same size as an iPod and shares its design principles, too: simple and clean. The company claims it "puts most every mp3 accessory to shame with its good looks and crisp fidelity." The former may be true, though the latter remains to be seen.

Still, if its packaging is any reflection on the Card Speaker's sound quality, it could live up to its description. The portable speaker comes in a handsome case with space for a short 3.5mm cord and a USB cable for charging. The Card Speaker's battery lasts up to five hours on a charge, certainly enough time for a stranger to notice your portable audio set up and compliment you on its elegance.


The $75 Card Speaker comes in silver or black and can be had at The Ghostly Store. [Unplggd]