The Cardboard Box Finally Gets a Genius Upgrade

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If you've got a big move coming up, you might want to take some inspiration from this Red Dot Design Award-winning update to the lowly cardboard box. The Corner Box adds a small indent to one of the bottom corners giving you a spot to easily lift or drop a box without squashing your fingers.


Unfortunately since the Red Dot Design Awards are usually only doled out to concepts, you won't be able to find a Corner Box anywhere just yet. But you can probably make your own with a regular cardboard box, a hammer, and a few strategically placed blows. You'll end up losing a tiny bit of space inside the box as a result, but that's a small price to pay for all ten fingers being in perfect working order at the end of a move. [Red Dot Awards via Fast Co.Design]



It's *corrugated* box. Cardboard is what you buy shoes in.