The Closest View Yet Of Charon Orbiting Pluto

The New Horizons spacecraft has beamed back a time-lapse "movie" showing an entire day in the Pluto-Charon system. Captured from a distance of just 126 million miles (203-million km), the footage clearly depicts the "wobble" imposed on the dwarf planet by its large moon.


The time-lapse is composed of shots taken from January 25–31. The objects were observed for an entire rotation of each body. A "day" in this system is equal to 6.4 days on Earth.

Charon, which is about one-eighth the size of Pluto (the size of Texas, give or take), is pulling on Pluto to create the easily identifiable wobble.

As New Horizons gets closer, we'll eventually get to see more detail, including Pluto's other, much smaller, moons.

[ NASA ]

Image Credit: NASA/APL/Southwest Research Institute



Zach Miller

Wait, Pluto has other moons?!