The Emmys are starting momentarily and the list of nominations looks like it was regurgitated from two years ago. Mad Men again? Downton Abbey, yawn. Does anyone really watch Veep? I'm rooting for one of the smartest, most original, and consistently hilarious nominees in years: HBO's Silicon Valley.


Mike Judge's brilliant new sitcom is nominated for five awards tonight and it probably won't win any of them. First, because Modern Family wins like everything pretty much every year (enough already), but also because the exquisite startup nerd humor is likely lost on Hollywood types, who tend to take themselves waaaaaay too seriously.

Which is too bad because the final episode of the first season—"Optimal Tip-to-Tip Efficiency"—features one of the best moments on television in recent memory. Yes, okay, it was a dick joke but it might be the best executed dick joke of ALL TIME. Not only that, the show employed an actual algorithm expert to make the joke that much more realistic. Where is the Emmy category for that???


HBO has made episodes available free online from time to time but unfortunately none are available at the moment. I'm going to make a bold statement and say just this episode alone is enough reason to pony up the money for HBO Go. [HBO]

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