Remember when music visualizers were all the rage about fifteen years ago? Or maybe that was just a music visualizer phase I went through alone. Either way, this art installation called "Sonic Water" puts a very literal spin on the concept eschewing any kind of simulation for a real puddle of water.


Designed by media artists Sven Meyer and Kim Pörksen, Sonic Water consists of two main parts. First, there's a speaker cup that creates the actual visualizations by vibrating the water (or other liquid) it's covered in. Then, there's the projection system which throws the images up on the wall in grainy, black and white glory. It's like every visualizer you've ever seen, except real.

As the tones change, the patterns flip back and forth between complex spirographic-style tangles to plain old concentric circåles, all designs that are fundamentally natural in their form. Now where can I rent one of these for my next party? [Designboom]

Illustration for article titled The Coolest Music Visualizer Is Just a Puddle of Water

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