The CW's Roswell Reboot Is Full of Alien Drama

Max reveals his alien secret to save Liz in Roswell, New Mexico.
Max reveals his alien secret to save Liz in Roswell, New Mexico.
Image: The CW

Arguments! Alien powers! Romantic turmoil! Yes, this is a CW continuation of the Roswell legacy, alright.


Although the show itself is still a way off, the CW took to San Diego today to give us a brief glimpse of Roswell, New Mexico, its reboot of the 1999 show. Roswell, New Mexico casts Jeanine Mason as Liz Ortecho, the daughter of immigrant parents who returns to Roswell only to discover that her former high school paramour Max (Nathan Parsons) is now a police officer...oh, and also an alien descended from beings who crashlanded in the infamous town decades prior.

Which ends up being very convenient when Max uses his alien abilities to resurrect Liz after a fatal shooting, as in the original TV show.

Other than being relatively faithful to the first series, it’s certainly looking like your typical slice of CW genre, with marital affairs, angsty young adult drama, and the occasional dabbling in alien superpower abilities. Not bad! Roswell, New Mexico is set to begin as part of the CW’s midseason slate next year.

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When the original series ended, weren’t they all on the run from the government?