The DC Universe Streaming Service Is Priced to Take on Netflix

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One of the biggest questions people have had about DC’s upcoming streaming platform DC Universe is how much accessing the service would cost. Given that DC Universe is a big part of the publisher’s plans to create new fans, it needed to be priced competitively in order to get people to stick. From the looks of it, DC understands that fact.


Today DC announced that an annual DC Universe subscriptions will cost $74.99 while monthly memberships will be $7.99. For those fees, members will have access to all of the service’s new shows like Titans, Young Justice: Outsiders, and Swamp Thing in addition to hundreds of DC’s comics and much of Warner Bros.’ back catalog of comic book movies and TV shows.

Similar to Netflix and other digital comics platforms, DC Universe allows users to download content so that you can read and watch stories about your favorite heroes even without an internet connection. Beginning today, you can pre-order an annual subscription and those who sign up will both automatically enter you into a contest to win tickets to this year’s Aquaman premiere, and give you three free additional months of access to the platform.

Even if you, like a lot of people, already have a couple of SVOD subscriptions, this price point definitely makes it worth considering, especially given just how much content you’re getting. Even for those people who weren’t a fan of this morning’s Titans trailer, between the comics and its other exclusive shows, there’s probably more than enough value to get people to sign up when the DC Universe service goes live later this fall.

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Angrier Geek

“You want Young Justice, but not our shitty gridmark Titans? Well, tough! In for a penny in for a pound. Of course you should just find the bootlegs online. But you don’t have the balls for that, do ya, Fanboy!?!”

Even before this was announced it was my theory that so many streaming services would overload the market and those who don’t have the catalogue of say a Disney would fold shop and be heading back to Netflix, Hulu, etc. I see DC as one of those. Or because they’re under the same umbrella will wind up on HBO.