Lego master builder Sariel admits to not being much of a Formula 1 fan, but you wouldn’t know it looking at his replica of the Ferrari 248 F1 car that drivers like Michael Schumacher raced back in 2006. It’s even remote control, with full suspension and steering for hugging every tiny corner. And it’s finished in perfect Ferrari livery complete with 52 hand-cut decals representing the car’s sponsors.

Its top speed of around seven miles per hour won’t feel particularly fast when you’re standing over the car with a wireless remote in hand. But strap a camera to it like Sariel did for this video and the first-person view will make it feel like you’re tearing around an authentic Formula 1 course. The car even has a working transmission that lets it switch to a reverse gear for backing out of collisions if you end up pushing it too far. [ via Damn Geeky]

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