The Defenders Adds the True Hero of Marvel's Netflixverse, Foggy Nelson

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Alas, Foggy probably won’t be joining the Defenders the team as much as The Defenders the TV show. Which is a shame, because I bet the Defenders could use a competent lawyer in their ranks, and we all know Daredevil ain’t it.

The news that Elden Henson will be joining the Marvel/Netflix team-up series came from this weekend’s London Comic-Con, where a very devoted Foggy fan got to interview the actor himself. Perhaps even more importantly, he also learned that Foggy was supposed to be sporting a giant handlebar mustache in the Daredevil’s college flashback scenes, but it looked too weird on his face. I am devastated we were denied seeing that.

Anyway, Henson did not say how much he might appear in The Defenders, so it could be anything from defending the entire team in court to making a quick cameo to tell Matt Murdock he’s a shitty friend and business partner. Frankly, either is fine with me.