Marvel's Explanation About Why Avengers Tower Doesn't Appear on Netflix Shows Is Bullshit

I like Jeph Loeb. Nice guy. Knows how to work up a crowd and you can tell that he truly loves working as the head of Marvel’s television arm and will defend it to the death. But when Loeb was recently pressed about some of Marvel TV’s... weaker elements, he balked and gave one of the most ridiculous answers possible.

6 Things We Liked About The Defenders (and 4 We Didn't)

Netflix’s long-awaited Defenders finally came together on Friday and we largely enjoyed it. There was plenty to love, mostly in how the four main characters worked together and the banter between them. Technically the show was also firing on all cylinders. And yet, there were some things—things Marvel’s messed up…

Don't Get Too Excited For That Crazy Rumor About Superman's Return in Justice League

Patty Jenkins is very close to directing Wonder Woman 2. Get another look at a few of the heroes showing up in Avengers: Infinity War. The live-action Jetsons remake is getting a pilot. Plus, more footage from Riverdale, Inhumans, and Death Note, and tons of images from Thor: Ragnarok. To me, my Spoilers!

The Final Defenders Trailer Is All About Sigourney Weaver Getting Her Menace On

There’s a lot we still don’t know about Alexandra, the mysterious villain at the heart of Netflix and Marvel’s superhero team-up show—but the third and last full trailer for the series is about exactly what you need to know about her: It’s Sigourney Goddamn Weaver getting to be evil as hell, and it’s delightful.

The Strength of Netflix's Defenders Is That They’re All Strong, Broken People

The funny thing about seeing all of Netflix’s Defenders fighting together is that when you think about it, they all kinda have a variation of the same archetypical superpower. The Defenders aren’t just the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s street-level heroes, they all punch things really hard—and that’s part of what makes…

Both Hawkeye and Black Widow Could Get New Looks in Avengers 4

Captain Marvel gets a new script writer. Ben Affleck teases a more heroic Batman for Justice League. Arrow casts another new villain. Alex Kurtzman is already hinting at Star Trek: Discovery’s second season. Plus, a new look at Gotham’s latest love interest for Jim Gordon, and a tiny new Defenders clip. Behold,…

Who Could Jessica Chastain Be Playing in X-Men: Dark Phoenix?

Dave Bautista lets slip that he’s working on another superhero movie franchise. John Boyega discusses Carrie Fisher’s legacy in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Get a teeny new glimpse of IT’s Pennywise in action. Plus tons of new Defenders pictures and the debut of Pickle Rick on Rick and Morty. To me, my spoilers!