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Our First Look at Luke Cage's Second Season Is All About Misty Knight's New Arm

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

From the first moment that we met Misty Knight during Netflix’s first season of Luke Cage, there was one question on every comics fans’ mind about the character’s future: “when are we going to see her get that badass bionic arm?” Well, now we know.

After briefly faking viewers out with a gnarly (but not serious) arm wound during Luke Cage, Misty finally said farewell to her organic arm during the climax of The Defenders when she got herself mixed up in some crazy, supernatural nonsense that was way beyond her jurisdiction. But in losing her arm, a new door was opened for Misty’s Marvel Cinematic Universe incarnation to become a little bit more like her comics counterpart. Today, Entertainment Weekly released the first photo from the next season of Luke Cage featuring Luke wearing a t-shirt and Misty sporting a prosthetic seemingly designed specifically for gun-wielding.


In the comics, Misty’s had a couple of bionic arms that all came courtesy of Tony Stark and were tricked out with a wide variety of special functions. The original arm, made of steel, simply gave Misty super strength in her right arm, but the second, made from an alloy composed of diamond and a rare variant form of vibranium only located in Antartica. In addition to her strength, Misty’s second arm gave her limited technopathy, the ability to destabilize the molecular bonds of other metals, and fire concussive blasts.


For reasons that should be rather obvious, it’s doubtful that MCU Misty’s arm will be quite as advanced as the one she’s got in the comics, but it definitely looks like it can do some serious damage in its own right even when it isn’t clutching a gun. Also, it was heavily implied during The Defenders that MCU Misty would come into her new appendage thanks to Danny Rand who, shocker, owns a hospital. As improbable as Misty and Danny’s would-be relationship has always seemed, nothing says “maybe we’ll go on one date” quite like receiving a new arm that can punch through walls from a random billionaire.

We’ll find out the specifics of where Misty’s arm comes from and what all it can do when Luke Cage returns to Netflix next year.