The Dell 'Ultimate Hackintosh' Mini 9 Back for $299

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The Dell Mini 9 may not be Dell's newest netbook, but it's widely considered the best hackintosh around. The only problem? It was discontinued...or so we thought.


Right now, you can order a Mini 9 from Dell using this direct link. Its $299 price comes at the cost of a laughable, 8GB hard drive—which technically works for OS X, but you may want to fork over $40 more for the 16GB upgrade all the same.


We have no idea how long Dell will continue offering the Mini 9—a marketing ploy that we're sure Dell just loves—but beggars can't be choosers.

So you win this round, Dell. Well-played. [Dell via Lilliputing via Engadget]

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I bought one of these at the $199 price (the same config is still available for $239) and upgraded it to 2GB for ~$25. I'm waiting on a 32GB RunCore for Hackintoshing it, but even running Ubuntu, I'm shocked at how useful it is. Yes, the keyboard sucks. Yes, the trackpad is small. Yes, the resolution isn't great. But as-is, at ~$250 so far including shipping and RAM - it's not only quite capable of browsing and email, it's also running my eclipse Java development setup, running a web server, and both hosting and accessing the web app I'm developing (it's not my primary development system, of course, but I'm just amazed that it works). I ordered the second SSD so I can swap out OSs instead of replacing them, and I ordered the RunCore because I can set it up via the USB port on it without needing an external optical drive. Still, if you go with the $239 base config now, it's not bad, but I'd strongly consider either upgrading to a bigger SSD or getting one to swap in. The 1GB RAM works fine with Ubuntu; I just upped it to 2GB in anticipation of the OS X hack.

It's a surprisingly fun little computer and absolutely perfect, as others have mentioned, for travel or when in places you don't want to bring a $1000+ "real" notebook.