Bad news for New York Times readers, great news for anyone who's ready to see Apple deviate from its twee ad campaigns: Arem Duplessis, the Design Director at the NYT Magazine, is leaving his post to become a Creative Director at Apple.

You may not have heard of Duplessis, but you've almost certainly seen his work. He gave the NYT Mag its distinctive graphic voice, including its cover art and instantly recognizable typography, which has played a huge part in establishing the magazine as a Sunday highlight. Once you saw a cover, you couldn't forget the content inside: A look back at the past decade of Sunday magazines reveals an incredible range and depth of work—from brilliant illustrations (see: 2009's Infrastructure cover above, or Adrian Tomine's contribution from 2008) to the magazine's instantly recognizable photography, immortalizing everyone from James Turrell to workers in North Dakota's oil boom.


UnBeige reports that Duplessis will start his new gig—which, we should note, involves heading up an internal marketing team—in Cupertino this February. It's sad news for the magazine, but exciting for Apple, especially if he veers outside of the internal team. We're looking forward to seeing Duplessis scrub through the visual morass of Apple's graphic identity. [UnBeige; Engaget]


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