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The Dyson Hard Just Made Your Floor Mop Obsolete

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Not content with making every other vacuum and fan on the market seem like a cheap children's toy, Dyson has now set its sights on the floor mop that's been quivering in your broom closet, awaiting its day of reckoning. The unfortunately named Dyson Hard is a version of the company's handheld cordless vacs that sees the business end replaced with a cleaning head that also sucks away dirt before it scrubs your floors.


Details are a little thin at this point as Dyson hasn't officially announced availability or pricing just yet, but presumably the Dyson Hard will be comparable to the $400 handheld vacuums the company already sells. Hopefully the Dyson Hard's wipe plate will be compatible with the myriad of wet mopping cloths already on the market, and not some proprietary and expensive alternative.

And if they come up with a conversion kit that lets us re-purpose our existing Dysons as one of these, that would be even better. Because we've just been looking for any good reason to ditch our old antiquated mops. [Dyson via HomeCrux]


Update: Dyson reached out to us with more information on the Dyson Hard. It will be available starting September 3 for $330, and while the official Dyson replacement wipes run $7 for a dozen, the Hard is also compatible with the "industry standard wipes" you can already buy for other floor cleaners.