A few weeks ago, some jailbreakers devised an effective, if slightly daunting, way to force iPhone apps to fill the iPad's screen. Now, there's a jailbreak app that does the same, and the results are incredible.


The app—technically an OS extension—is called FullForce, and it's available in the Cydia store for free. (If you're not familiar with jailnbreaking and Cydia, check our guide here.) The app's settings are controlled via a panel in your system settings app, which contains toggle switches for every iPhone-sized app installed on your iPad.

Using FullForce is a much simpler process than the old method to force app scaling, which involves editing a text file packaged with each app via SSH, but the results aren't perfect: Most scaled apps contained slight formatting oddities, and some don't scale at all, like 3D games. That said, a few vital apps scale really well—the NYTimes app, which has waaaaay more content than the iPad version, fills the screen without a problem, and the Facebook app—where is that official iPad Facebook app, anyway?—is good enough to justify jailbreaking on its own.


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