The Excellent Dark Sky Weather App Finally Makes Its Way to Android

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Finding a weather app that’s both consistent and not a horribly-designed mess can be an arduous journey, but the hyperlocal weather app Dark Sky consistently sits on top of the pile as one of the best. For four years, the app has only been available on iOS. Finally, the Dark Sky team is remedying that situation.


Available on Android starting today, Dark Sky brings its hyperlocal information to your Android smartphone. Unlike most weather apps, Dark Sky provides insanely detailed weather info with data drilling down to the very minute. You can also create custom alerts, so that you only see the push notifications that you actually want to see. For the Android launch, Dark Sky is adding three accompanying homescreen widgets.

Dark Sky is also trying a new freemium approach to pricing on Android. Where the iPhone app has a non-negotiable $4 price tag, you can download Dark Sky on Android for free to receive basic features. You can even try the Premium version for two weeks, and if you decide to stick with it, the app jumps to $3 a year. Subscription apps feel weird, but considering that’s just a quarter per month, it’s worth consideration.

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