When the FBI and Estonian authorities finally crushed the DNSChanger Trojan network in January, they set up a temporary DNS exchange to maintain connectivity for the millions of infected users until they could wipe the bug from their systems.


Those temporary systems are going offline by the middle of the year, so if you enjoy the Internet and the wonderful porn entertainment it provides, you need to make sure your system is DNSChanger-free by July 9.

Ensuring your system is clean is simple. First off, DNSChanger affects the Windows and Mac OS, not Linux and not mobile platforms. The DNSChanger Working Group (DCWG) website can scan your machine for the Trojan and remove it if present. A wide array of commercial antivirus programs can also do it as well—Hitman Pro, TDSSKiller, and Windows Defender Offline, to name a few. These are all easy fixes and should be done well in advance of July 8th. [DCWG via PCWorld, Forbes - Image: Stepan Kapl / Shutterstock]