The First BlackBerry Running QNX Shows Up and Sounds Like the Same Old Story

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Codenamed BlackBerry Colt, details of RIM's first BlackBerry to run the new PlayBook tablet-like QNX software has been leaked to BGR, and from what they've reported it sounds like same old RIM: a single-core chipset, and lacking BES support, too.


We'd previously heard that RIM won't include Flash-support on its phones as "you need dual-core processors to render Flash in the way that we would want to do it. The processing power isn't there yet," so presumably the first raft of QNX phones isn't going to be quite where RIM wants to take the BlackBerry line.

Though it's worth bearing in mind that this is an unconfirmed leak (and a Photoshopped image) and might not amount to anything—and indeed, specs have been known to change between rumors and the final product—BGR's track record with BlackBerry leaks is pretty tight. And when it boils down to it, are we really that surprised that RIM will somehow manage to cock up their first wonderphone release too?

BGR's source touched upon the lack of BlackBerry Enterprise Server support, saying that like the PlayBook launching without native email support due to BES problems, the delay is down to RIM writing a QNX-compatible BES version. Considering a large percentage of RIM's customers are corporate users, the only way to use Microsoft Exchange email on this Colt phone would be using Microsoft ActiveSync temporarily.

According to the source, the Colt will go on sale in the first quarter of 2012, but honestly I'd rather wait a few more months and see RIM actually get it right. [BGR]


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