The First Hose-Connected Super Soaker Blasts an Infinite Stream of Water

It’s a universal law that whoever controls the hose, controls the backyard water fight. And while Super Soakers have long provided a worthy opposition to a garden hose, the new Floodfire blaster is the first to combine both to create an unstoppable soaking machine with an infinite supply of water.


Available now for $25, the Floodfire could be the deal of the century, at least when it comes to backyard warfare on a hot summer afternoon. Like with a traditional Super Soaker, the pump-action blaster has a built-in water tank that can hold 43 ounces of water and soak a target up to 38 feet away when its reservoir is fully pressurized.

But hanging off the bottom of the Floodfire is a quick-release valve letting you quickly attach a garden hose giving that 43-ounce tank an infinite supply of H2O. And to ensure the pressure inside the Floodfire doesn’t get too intense in the heat of battle while you’re pumping away, a release valve on the front lets excess water automatically spill out whenever it needs to.

And since most backyards only have a single hose, your opponents will need a decent way to fight back against the Floodfire’s constant stream. So that’s where the new $20 Super Soaker Flashflood comes in. It’s got a smaller 23-ounce water tank, but in addition to a pump-action trigger, on top you’ll find a plunger tube letting you suck up a large amount of water from its reservoir to quickly unload on your target. Let the summer begin. [Super Soaker]

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