The First Trailer for Amazing Stories' Return Imagines Itself Some Impossibilities

Also: Planes. Lots of planes.
Also: Planes. Lots of planes.
Image: Apple

Will the stories be amazing? Hard to say yet. But our first look at Apple’s take on the beloved anthology show is intriguing, to say the least.


An Amazing Stories reboot with Spielberg’s involvement was one of the first things we heard about when it came to Apple’s plans to enter the streaming service arena—well before we even knew what it would be called. But while we’ve seen Apple TV+ deliver on a few genre hits already, we’re only now just finally time to get a glimpse at what Spielberg’s landmark deal with the tech giant is going to offer.

Like its ‘80s predecessor, the new Amazing Stories will tell standalone genre tales dabbling with sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and other genre elements, this time across five individual episodes. While the trailer itself obfuscates just which individual episodes are which here, it seems a big theme for the show’s return will be—befitting of our pop cultural moment—superpowers, from heroic grandfathers to lots of powers-based hand-splaying going on.

Amazing Stories will come to Apple TV+ starting March 6.

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