The first truly scary Paranormal Activity 2 clip

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We haven't seen a lot of Paranormal Activity 2. Then again, we didn't see a lot of the original film before it opened, either. But this new clip is the first time we've seen something actually terrifying from the sequel.

The clip, which debuted at the Scream Awards, was much less babies and shaky cam, and much more scare. While we're thankful for that, we're still not convinced that PA2 can top the creepy hour-long bed hovering sessions from the original main character Katie. Yeesh.


And speaking of Katie, are you wondering what happened to her? This latest clip seems to imply that not only is Katie in the sequel, but that she got away with Micah's murder as well. Here she is, making excuses for his absence!

Will the sequel be terrifying? We can't say, but we will be checking it out in theaters on Friday.