The Funniest Moments From Stargate History

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Yesterday we said goodbye to the darkest Stargate ever made. But now it's time to wipe away the tears, and remember the laughs. Here they are, the funniest moments from Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate Universe!


One of the best things we'll miss the most about Stargate was its ability to make us laugh. Even Stargate Universe was able to lighten the mood here and there. You could argue that Adam Brody and Dale Volker's witty banter humanized the crew and allowed us to feel even more for those space misfits.

So here are the best laughs from the entire Stargate television series. And yes, we're sure we missed something along the way (Stargate was around for a while) so PLEASE add your favorites in the comments.

SGU "Twin Destinies" Redundancy

Here's a classic Volker and Brody "laughing in the face of death" moment. We wish these two guys would get a spin-off. Alas, with the way SGU ended, that seems less and less like a possibility. What about "The Brody and Volker Missing Kino Files?"

SG-1 "200" Teen Stargate

Martin Lloyd (Willie Garson) comes courting with this movie version of "Wormhole X-Treme" (a hilarious and very self-aware SG-1 moment). While pitching the crew, he mentions that they thought about doing an all teen version, this is what Colonel Mitchell and crew imagine. It's also pretty hilarious because this video basically became the anti-SGU rallying cry when people found out Syfy was going younger and edgier. Thankfully things turned out pretty different — but the pregnancy gag kind of rings true.

Also, look it's Finn from Glee!

SG-1 "Family Ties" Teal'c Takes In A Show

Easy gag? You bet. A little condescending to the ladies? Perhaps. But we still love the idea of Teal'c unknowingly attending a Vagina Monologue.

SG-1 "1969" That's Captain Kirk To You

Jack O'Neill is sent back in time to screw with your pop culture. What, like you wouldn't?

SGU "Hope" Numa Numa

Brody tries to put Volker at ease before a dangerous kidney transplant, he fails, and only becomes more enshrined in our hearts.

SG-1 "Holiday"

Teal'c and O'Neill switch bodies.

SGA - Steve The Wraith

SGA - "Duet" Big Kiss
A female marine officer is trapped inside Dr. McKay's body. McKay's face, after the big kiss with Dr. Carson Beckett says it all.

SGA "Phantoms" — I'm sorry for shooting everyone!

SGU "Seizure" Classic McKay

McKay cameos on the Destiny and picks up the pace on deck. Lots of laughs and an overall faster-moving episode.

SGA "Hide And Seek"

"I'm invulnerable!"

SGU "The Greater Good" Yay New Friends!

SGA "Sateda"

McKay is shot with an arrow (come to think of it, there's lots of funny getting shot, or shot at jokes in SGA).

SG -1 The Entire Episode, "Window Of Opportunity"

Possibly the funniest episode in the whole of the Stargate franchise. Teal'c and O'Neill are stuck in a time loop, we all win. Via Youtube user Xenomorph494


Thanks for the laughs, Stargate!



I know it isn't a scene, but this blooper always sticks out in my mind