The Grossest Corporate Tweet of the Week Goes to... Waffle House!

Have you been following the Whitney Houston news for the past week? Did you catch her funeral today? Does that make you hungry for waffles? #wafflehouse! Ugh.

Look, this isn't about Whitney—that's a whole other mess. It's not even this specific tweet, which is dumb and shameless and oh god look how dumb it is. It's that these idiotic corporations have apparently locked in on some hypothetical social media pot of gold, and are now determined to shamelessly mine our lowest common denominator sensibilities for a few dollars.


So please, Waffle House, stop asking how I feel about funerals. And you, Taco Bell, let's cool it with the MLK taco dreams. Can't you just tweet pictures of delicious and synthetic and abominable but no really so delicious food? That's what America is really about. [via ByronCrawford]

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