The Guardians Of The Galaxy's Anime Debut Must Be Seen To Be Believed

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You may remember Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers, the ridiculous, Beyblade/Pokémon-esque anime series in Japan, designed solely to sell Marvel merch to young kids. Well, the Guardians of the Galaxy are making their debut in the show next week, and OH MY GOD WHY DO THEY LOOK LIKE THAT

Ignoring Star-Lord's almost hilariously stereotypical spiky anime hairdo and the fact that Groot is somehow visually accurate but also intensely disturbing, the show's attempt to "anime-fy" Rocket Raccoon has resulted in a tiny nightmare. He looks like he has encephalitis of the head, and the juxtaposition of the big eyes, overly cartoon-ized face and his wide, animal haunches make him look far creepier than the more "realistic" CG of the movie did.

Seriously, if you hired someone to draw the Guardians in the most stereotypical anime style they could think of, chances are they'd end up with the above picture (and I know, because I hired people to do this exact thing when I worked on Anime Insider magazine back in the day). How Gamora is not wearing some kind of sailor suit schoolgirl uniform is beyond me.


Oh well. At least we still have the awesome Japanese movie trailers.


Here's a trailer for the GotG Disk Wars episode, although Groot's the only one who makes a real appearance:

[Via Crunchy Roll]