The Guy You Really Don't Want To Get For Your Next Job Interview

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Look at this schmuck! He's one in a long line of bosses, like The Office's David Brent, who try their hardest to be cool but really just don't get it. And in this case he's Gizmodo's very own Brian Barrett!

Yes, that's Giz reporter Brian Barrett playing the role of the inept trashcan-basketballer who's supposed to be conducting the job interview in this latest episode of Get a Job Erika.

That isn't how he acts normally. [Ed. Note: Yes it is – JC]

I found this video over at Splitsider, the excellent new site from former Gizmodo funny man Adam Frucci, where there are plenty more laughs (and insights!) to be had. Anyway, next time you have a really miserable job interview just take solace in the fact that nobody called you the C-word. [Splitsider, Splitsider, Splitsider]