Illustration for article titled The Hunter Concert Breeze Ceiling Fan Has a Speaker In It

You think that you can't stick a speaker in a ceiling fan? Well you probably can't. You're timid, weak...soft. You're not like the fearless engineers at Hunter Fans who shatter expectations with landmark products.


The Hunter Concert Breeze fan is half ordinary ceiling fan, half wireless speaker extravaganza. You hook the base station into your audio source of choice and the music is streamed to the Concert Breeze (the speaker is that little circle below the light fixture) via the magic of 2.4Ghz frequencies.

I'm gonna call one of these in for review. Then I'm gonna score a ton of hot chicks. Then I'm gonna write 1,000 posts about it to make you all jealous. Boo. Yah. [Hunter via DVICE]

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