The Imperial Weather Report

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Let's see. Planet Hoth: Snow, snow, snow, more snow. Tatooine: Double sunny hot all week. Cloud City's gonna be cloudy. Galactic Empire weather seems quite predictable. Unless you are in Alderaan on a Tuesday. My advice for you: Stay in bed.


These great Mac OS X Dashboard's Weather widget mods—which use Celsius, the only temperature system that makes sense—were created by Cristian -Kit- Paul. You are good, Señor Paul. [Kit Blog]



Ahh...metric. It's taken me two years to get used to Celsius temperatures after moving to Canada. Even then, I still find myself scratching my head and have Fahrenheit set on my smartphone temperatures. Kilometres were a bit easier to get used to, thanks to having had a dual speedometer in my car. Grams/kilograms in relation to ounces and pounds are still pretty much entirely lost on me.