The Incredible Hulk arrested for selling cocaine in England

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A man painted green like the Hulk and sporting "fancy dress" was arrested last spring for selling drugs outside of a nightclub in Coventry, England. Explains The Coventry Telegraph of the Hulk's run-in with the police:

[The Hulk] was drunk and trying to sell cocaine he did not want outside the Skydome in the city centre [...] Christopher O'Gorman, prosecuting, outlined the events which led the defendant to be nabbed by two police officers outside the Skydome on April 23 at about 3am.

He said: "At around about that time they saw the defendant, dressed conspicuously as The Incredible Hulk, hand something to someone who handed money to the defendant."

The report doesn't specify whether or not this arrest occurred at a costume party. In addition to pawning off (presumably Gamma-irradiated) Bolivian marching powder, the Hulk also possessed five grams of cannabis and another bag hidden in his (obviously Christmas-ham-sized) shoe. The Hulk was recently sentenced to two years in prison in light of prior drug-related offenses.

Even though casual fans of the Hulk may be confused by the green goliath's nocturnal regalia, comics fans know that the Hulk occasionally reverts to the grey-skinned, gangster-like "Joe Fixit" persona. But this Hulk was decidedly verdant. How can this be?


Well, in 1992's The Incredible Hulk #395, the Hulk — now as his green-pigmented, hyper-intelligent "Professor" persona — goes undercover as Joe Fixit to fight some hoodlums (but mostly to brawl with The Punisher, it's a great issue, Peter David fucking nails it).


Clearly, British authorities have arrested one of the Hulk's more heroic incarnations masquerading as Mister Fixit. Reexamine the evidence!

[Via Arbroath]