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The Indestructible Concrete LED Lamp You'll Own For the Rest Of Your Life

Illustration for article titled The Indestructible Concrete LED Lamp Youll Own For the Rest Of Your Life

Tired of accidentally knocking your bedside lamp to the ground in the middle of the night? Not only is that incredibly difficult with this heavy concrete O-Lite lamp, it also means the odds of it breaking as it hits the floor are slim to none.


Instead of a pesky cord, the lamp is powered by a single nine-volt battery which will keep its LED bulb glowing for up to 20 hours. So unless you've got an unending supply of batteries, it's probably not a good idea to use the O-Lite as a night light. And since it's so heavy, taking it on camping trips is out of the question too. But if you're looking for a bedside accessory that could survive a nuclear blast, you won't find a better value for your $20. [Etsy via Technabob]

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I thought this thing was like a foot high or something. Twenty dollars seemed like a great price. But in reality it's shorter than an iPhone.

So it's not heavy and has awful battery life. Not to mention the price (while not awful) is nowhere near as great as it seemed and this thing doubtfully puts out much light.