The Internet's Hottest New Domain: .SUCKS

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The internet-naming powers that be (otherwise known as ICANN) have already blessed us with such distinguished, venerated domains as .WANG, .SEXY, and .FISH. But now, it's gearing up to grant us with every diligent #Brand's worst nightmare: Welcome to the .SUCKS era.


Of course, something as timeless as a .SUCKS domain isn't going to come cheap. Before the address officially goes on sale June 1, companies with trademarked names will have an early window to cough up a hefty $2,500. Leaving consumers with a decidedly more reasonable $250. Or, if you're paranoid/just want to block a certain domain from being registered (temporarily), you can pay $200 "to place any domain available as a Standard Registration domain on the reserved list for a year."

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Brands are understandably freaking out about consumers potentially snatching up their names before they get a chance, but in reality, it probably won't make a difference. Because even if a company wins the .SUCKS race, where there's a will to fuck with a brand, there's a way. [ARS Technica]

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This could work both ways for some depending on who registers the name........such as....

dysonvacuums.suck - Dyson Vacuums

blackholes.suck - Neil Tyson Degrasse

tornadoes.suck - Al Roker

your401kwont.suck - Suzi Orman

yourlifedoesnt.suck - Dear Abby