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The io9 Halloween Costume Show Is Back, and Ready for Frights

It's once again time to show us what you've got sorted for spooky season.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Two io9 readers dresses as classic Star Trek science and command officers pose in front of the Millennium Falcon at Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, looking suitably confused by their whereabouts.
Get ready to boldly go where no scruffy-lookin’ nerf herder has gone before.
Photo: Bobby Sussman/Kinja (Fair Use)

After a brief hiatus last year due to, y’know, *gestures wildly at the state of The Earth*, io9's mostly-annual Halloween Costume Show is back and ready for action—and most importantly, for you!

As in past years, we’re kicking off at the very start of October, asking you to share with us what you, your family, or even your beloved pets are adorning for Halloween this year, whether you’re going out trick-or-treating and partying this year or keeping it safe and just dressing up for the spirit of the season at home (imaginary bonus points for themed masks if you are going out though). Maybe you’ve only just started planning, maybe you’re already in the process of grabbing some ghoulish haberdashery, or hell, maybe you’re even wildly prepared and already have a costume sorted for the entire season of pre-Halloween parties. Or maybe you made a cosplay for a summer convention you couldn’t attend this year and are just using that for Halloween, we won’t judge. But wherever you’re at in the process, we want to see what you’ve got in the works—and maybe you’ll inspire some of your fellow io9ers to get crafting their own costumes to take part, too.


And if you haven’t started quite yet, there’s good news: every Wednesday in the run up to Halloween we’ll be running weekly check-in posts highlighting submissions so far to keep you inspired—or give you a place to share your costume if you’re not quite done yet. On the Friday before this year’s big day, October 29, we’ll round up every shared costume to feature here on io9 and on our social feeds, in celebration of your collective awesomeness.

If you need some inspiration to get started, be sure to check out previous years’ Costume Shows, but otherwise, get sharing in the comments section! And don’t forget, as always: please post pictures of yourself (and only yourself), and tell us who you are, what you’re dressed as, and a little bit about how you put your costume together.


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