The iPad 2: Faster, Stronger, Better in Basically Every Way

You already know most of the story: The iPad 2 is crazy thin, it's lighter in a way that really matters, and it's much faster than the original iPad.


This video should show you all of that in a way you haven't quite seen yet, if you haven't already picked one up yourself. The difference is stark. Every app loads faster, some in a very meaningful way. Infinity Blade looks more exquisite, with more detail you can see—your armor reveals more nooks and crannies, highlights and shadows. When you switch between apps—or tabs in Safari—you won't have to reload the whole damn app or page nearly as often. Which makes it feel faster and more usable still.

Something we're not sure we saw in other reviews: The iPad 2's screen is noticeably better than the original iPad, at least when it comes to viewing angle. It was one of the first things we noticed when we put them side-by-side. The iPad 2's colors stay truer, richer longer as you look at it off-axis, so it's easier to show stuff to other people around you. It's really obvious in the photos, and in the last few seconds of the clip.


And yet, the iPad 2 is almost as thin as an issue of the New Yorker. As impressed as I was with the Xoom in some ways, its weight and bulk makes it feel like Cold War technology right now.

The camera isn't great though. A quick video test vs. the iPhone 4—both shoot 720p video—in medium light conditions shows that plainly.

Video by Woody Jang

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"faster, stronger, better in every way"

Honest journalism here?

Better display? Negative. 1024x768. No change from gen1.

Fixed bluetooth stack? Negative. It's still intentionally crippled (no wireless BT mic for headsets/VOIP). No change from gen1.

802.11/wifi range and throughput improvement? Negative. Anandtech reports wifi range on Ipad2 is even worse than Ipad1, with sub-par 802.11n speeds. Note: Xoom blew the charts here with 36Mbps, -the fastest wifi device they've EVER tested. Ipad1 is actually faster than gen2 here.

Tabbed browsing/Safari? Negative. No change from gen1.

2nd gen., 1 year later and still no HDMI ports, USB ports, or SD expansion.

Provide customers with the option to enable/disable Flash for media-rich sites? Negative.

Is this a joke?